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Forum Specific Guidance - Wade in the Water

In this forum we talk about the themes of the Shack for followers of Jesus Christ. How do the themes of the book apply to our life with Papa God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?

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Forum Specific Guidance - Wade in the Water

Post by Papalovesyou » Sun Feb 19, 2017 12:51 am

This forum exists to talk about practical matters of the Christian themes in The Shack.

How do we live out the truths in this book?

Questions are encouraged, but questions that are more theological in nature will be moved to the "Yeah, but what about?!" forum.

For example, a question like "I'm not sure how to live out the truth that God loves me." belongs in this forum. A question like, "I don't think Young is right about _________" belongs in the "Yeah, but what about?!" forum.

Feel free to post links to other teachings that are similar in thought to the themes in The Shack.

Feel free to post insights you have gained in living out the truths of the book.

May we all come to know Papa as we are known... and see ourselves as He sees us!


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