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Thank you!!!

This forum is for those who wish to say "Thank you" to the authors for The Shack. This is a great place to post if you don't plan on posting much on this forum. Please make all postings short and to the point!
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Barely not a Newbie
Barely not a Newbie
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Thank you!!!

Post by Belphegor » Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:12 pm

My naturopath gave me your book. Knowing me, she also knew that this book would be perfect for me. Why? Because I have experienced a very similar experience twice, 26 and 2 years ago. Incredible how I could find similitudes between my story and the Shack!

Thanks for this great and unforgettable moment of reading!

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Frequent Poster
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Re: Thank you!!!

Post by Cathy » Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:24 pm

Hi Belphegor, welcome to the forum. I'm glad you found the book unforgettable. I hope you come back and let us get to know you.

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