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Forum Specific Guidance - General Discussion

Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 4:33 am
by Papalovesyou
This forum is for any general discussion (non-theological) that are not directly related to the story or themes of The Shack. These may include Christian themes, as well as those of other beliefs.

We ask for the following agreements before posting here:

1. Keep the themes about non-theological or non-religious matters (political discussion is discouraged, but may be allowed if they stay nice).
2. None of the posts here necessarily reflect the themes and message of The Shack. If you want posts which are exclusively about The Shack or its message and themes, please visit the other forums on here.
3. Topics directly related to the themes and message of The Shack should be posted elsewhere on the site. Posting about The Shack which show up here are deemed to not directly reflect the message of the book. This does not mean they are not worth talking about though!
4. Fans of the book from other beliefs are welcome! If the posts do not directly reflect the Christian themes and message of The Shack based on interviews with the authors, they may be housed here (provided they are again of a non-theological matter).