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"Isn't This Where You Are Stuck, Mackenzie?"

Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:42 pm
by Courageous
*Sigh*... True to the book, this segment in the movie was my favorite as well. Brilliantly done even with the confines of the cinema.

"Here Come Da Judge", Indeed.

"Judging requires that you think yourself superior over the one you judge...." Chpt 11 from the book.

Growing up in a somewhat traditional "christian" home; I say "somewhat" because when your mom is raised by a "Church of Christ" preacher...that can often twist a child's life experience. I believe that because of this experience, she became very critical and "judgemental" (even though unaware) of most anything and anyone that didn't "suit" being seated on the front pew of the church. UGH (Not at all lumping all children of ministers into a group here.. .my grandfather was also a pedophile... but that's whole other story)

This tendency to "judge", mistakenly in the name of "teaching", is a deeply rooted demon. It is spiritual and unfortunately consumes the generations to follow. This spirit of being critical of so many of Papa's loved ones is enough to nauseate me and one of my most despised character flaws. The story of, The Shack, has helped me begin to heal and let go of this spirit by helping me to see it, identify it and place it at the foot of the Cross where it belongs. I only wish I had this knowledge many years before.. especially before raising my own son.

The happy note is... Papa had my back. My son has the most incredible heart and shows very little sign of being judgemental.

Re: "Isn't This Where You Are Stuck, Mackenzie?"

Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 7:29 pm
by Arus
That chapter was one of the more pivotal for me. I was very good at judging others, and took great pride in it! After all, I was better than those I judged!

Yeah, well, luckily my Papa has a heart of forgiveness, and He gave me a second chance. As the years go by, I have become better and better at NOT judging.

Re: "Isn't This Where You Are Stuck, Mackenzie?"

Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:50 am
by Doggie
My biggest problem is judging myself. I was never good enough for my parents. I grew up knowing I was worthless and totally unworthy of being loved. I still have problems believing I'm loved by such an awesome God.