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Meeting God at the point of loss.

Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:27 pm
by Doggie
In chapter 5 Mack decides to confront God. He has shoved hope, belief and faith away. It is just him and the God He believed failed him.

After we have faced a tragedy and pulled away from God often we feel lost and forsaken. When we've given upon hope and everything else, we scream out to God and let him know how angry we are. Many of us feel guilty about being angry at God so we try to hide it. When finally we take our tragedy to God and let him know just how we feel.

Mack had to return to the shack. The place he had felt abandoned. He admits his anger and his brokenness. After he admits his feelings he then is open to God.

When we let go of blaming God for the tragedy we are able to allow God to speak to us.