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Mack's Fathers Feeling of Pain

If you have questions about The Shack, especially in regard to issues that might trouble you about the story, then please post in here. Theological questions in regard to the movie/book's Christian themes should go here.

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Re: Mack's Fathers Feeling of Pain

Post by AnaFigueira » Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:19 pm

God will wipe away tears from our faces - that means they are still in our eyes when we meet him... and maybe part of Father's wiping away the tears on Mack's fathers face was exactly when he was able to tell Mack how sorry he was and how proud he's of him (in the movie) - I guess in the book Mack also says he's sorry which some think is problematic since he was the victim... but then if a relationship is broken everyone suffers and is sorry... I really like that verse about God wiping away our tears - and Sarayu collecting them in the book and movie... sometimes we are ashamed of "not being strong" and it's good that we do not have to pretend with Father and hopefully we have people in our lives who mirror Fathers love
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Re: Mack's Fathers Feeling of Pain

Post by Cathy » Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:34 am

Ana, you made some really interesting points. I agree it's good to have people in our lives who are okay with us crying. It's amazing to think that in Heaven we won't need to cry anymore and God will wipe away our tears.

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Re: Mack's Fathers Feeling of Pain

Post by Judy » Sat Apr 22, 2017 7:24 pm

Hi, Ana.

Not all tears are from sadness. Some are emotional overload.

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Re: Mack's Fathers Feeling of Pain

Post by Flyingnell » Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:55 pm

I actually did have a dream of a loved one showing me heaven. She tried to show me where she was. Told me she was here and with us at the same time. Quite honestly there was just light and when the light touched you it was pure joy vibrating through you and you didn’t slow down the light at all. You just wanted to worship and praise God. I was too overwhelmed to take in much more than that . It was my godmother’s mother , whom I happened to be visiting the next day 300 miles away. She told me to tell her where she was , that she would rather worship with her then cry with her . She was really a little bit miffed that all her daughters crying was distracting her from the beauty of heaven . When I arrived at her daughters the next morning her daughter answered the door in tears saying she had been crying all night long . Then I had to explain the message from her mother and hope no one thought I was nuts .
I hope this answers part of your question concerning if people feel hurt or anger in heaven . Evidently mildly irritated fits the bill when you know where they are and still cry buckets anyway.

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