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@ dozeydoug643 « Wed 8:21 am »
I first read the book several months ago. I purchased the film for my wife, because she does not read too well, and I bought the "Talking Book" and loaned it to a friend who has hearing and sight problems. My first reading resulted in me thinking, "What a lovely story!" However, I have just finished a second reading, and it has left me full of wonderful feelings, and very confused. I shall have to read it again!
@ gammaw15 « Sat 10:00 pm »
I just completed reading “The Shack”. Wonder beyond words! I am going to read again to grasp more pearls of wisdom as well as digesting more deeply into my heart those jewels God has openly given me during this reading. God bless everyone for all their efforts and hard work to spread this beautiful truth of the love our God has for each of us. Thank you and many Blessings.
@ David « Sun 7:58 pm »
has started a new topic: I am impressed
@ foxy303 « Fri 6:00 pm »
has started a new topic: What is The Shack Really About?
@ eeagle14 « Thu 3:12 am »
has started a new topic: The Shack helps me continue to grow!
@ Papalovesyou « Thu 8:07 pm »
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@ tee « Thu 7:11 am »
hello, am new here , but itz great to be here amongst the shack lovers
@ Pritom « Sat 8:21 pm »
How many forums are active, I can’t seem to find or access them.
@ sunsheenee « Fri 8:50 am »
has started a new topic: Hi there!
@ Flyingnell « Mon 11:36 pm »
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