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About Us

Welcome to The Shack Forum, a community of seekers looking to find deeper understanding and relationship with Papa of The Shack!

We seek to build a mutually supportive community, with one main focus - The love of the Trinity (Papa, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit) for us, and how we engage with Them to love one another. Many of those that have been impacted by The Shack have been deeply affected, in no small part due to the tainted picture of the nature of the Love of the Father for His children. In this we are unwavering - Papa loves us just as we are, in the middle of our mess. And as we join in the great Dance with Him, we are called to love others as He loves us.

We come from diverse backgrounds, having far flung experiences with the message of the character of Papa, and have embraced the message of the Heavenly Father whose love is beyond our comprehension, but through the miracle of His Son, is available should we choose to engage.

This forum exists to explore the healing and loving character of God described in The Shack, and any other actions that may come out of relationship with Him. While we wish to engage the curious, we respectfully ask those feeling the need to correct doctrine not to act on those impulses, but to simply engage in loving others.

Our heart is to help in the healing of those struggling with lack of surety that may accompany an encounter with The Shack story. We encourage those so affected that they are not alone, and that such a response is common with many that have encountered The Shack “phenomenon”, which we see as a simple powerful outpouring of Love, wisdom and understanding of our Father.

We look forward to meeting you, and as Papa leads us in the Great Dance, to be known by you as we are known to Him. Come in, pull up a chair, and join in the Great Dance!

He is especially fond of you,

Papalovesyou & the Shack Team ,