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Wow, Words fail me in writing a suitable review of this book ! ! !

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Yes, Wow, This was so incredible! I don't read very much,just not a reader. I read this book in a matter of 3 days! I was so breath taken as well as I got to Feel that presence with God again! omgosh, i just am such a blessed human to be able to feel this way not wanting to leave it or have the book end but wanting to know the outcome but not wanting it to end.....  :icon_cheers:

Welcome to you, obdwife! I'm so glad the Shack touched you the way it did... I hope you stay around with us.  :Hug:

I felt the same way, obd.  It's like visiting folks you really enjoy.

Hey Obd, welcome to the forum  :) 

Thank you Everyone for the welcome! Well loaned the book to my son to read with his wife, man of three children, just lost his 4th in Nov. which was his only son,his wife has Crohns disease! So I hope and pray that this will be the door that they need to get to understand why I live my life the way I do !


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