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30 12, 2016

Is “The Shack” Heresy? Part 2

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As promised, here is “Part 2” in our little blog series, “Is the Shack Heresy?” –but before we delve into that, let me first give you a little update. Quick Movie Update: In just over a week, the Official Shack trailer has garnered close to 30 million views!  As filmmakers eager to see it released [...]

8 12, 2016

Is “The Shack” Heresy? Part 1 – “Before you burn us at the stake…”

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"Before you are tempted to burn us at the stake, will you at least do me the favor of allowing me to stand in front of the firing squad and answer any questions that they might have.”  That’s what I said to one of the head executives of  Lifeway Christian Bookstores when he called to say [...]

2 12, 2016

“It’s been an Amazing Journey…”

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The Shack Movie: March 3, 2017 We are thrilled to finally be able to give you a taste of even greater things to come.  The Official Shack Movie Trailer has been released.   Check it out and ENJOY! Then share it far and wide with all your family and friends.  March 3rd, 2017 cannot come soon [...]